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I'm a survivor, a dreamer, a problem solver, and a fearless action taker. I've overcome many hardships in my life, but no matter how painful, I'm thankful for each and every one of them because they have shaped me into the person I am today. I've learned to love myself, think positively, and never give up. I know now that no matter what happens, things are going to be okay.

It’s become my passion to help others become confident action takers themselves. No matter what others say, there is no hurdle that can’t be overcome.


English Coaching & Accent Modification

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Lets work together to help you speak your best English!


Learn to use natural speech patterns so that others can understand you easily!


Here is what my clients say about my program...

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I came to Loretta because I wanted to improve my oral language skills so that I can feel more confident. I hadn’t spoken English for quite a long time and needed urgent support. Working with her has helped me to speak freely and to improve my English skills. What I enjoyed the most about my lessons with Loretta was that they were fun and relaxed!



I needed to improve my English for professional reasons.I had difficulties with grammar and pronunciation. I like Loretta’s calm and balanced personality, attentive listening and analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. She is very flexible and she adapted her methods to my needs and goals. I absolutely recommend Loretta. I think Loretta is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with.



Before I came to Loretta, I didn’t feel confident about speaking English to others even though I have spent a long time studying English. Working with Loretta is one of the best experiences I have ever had! She is patient, takes the time to explain things to me when needed and she is very kind. Now, I can speak confidently without fear and when I have to participate in a meeting or give a presentation in English, I feel good. This has inspired me to continue learning and I look forward to learning more and more. I have met a great teacher! I don’t have enough words to thank Loretta! Meci!




I needed to brush up my English because I had new challenges in my professional environment-especially with international partners. In particular, I had problems speaking freely without translating in my head. Working with Loretta really helped me to quickly learn to speak freely,overcome my inhibitions and to simply talk without thinking or translating words and sentences. The best thing about my lessons with Loretta was thatI could really see that I was making progress quickly and achieving success in my goals. I highly recommend Loretta. She creates a very pleasant learning environment and I improved my English effortlessly and without stress. Thank you so much for your help!



When I started learning English, I was a beginner. When I found Loretta as a teacher I scored a bull’s-eye. She was responsive to my wishes and we shaped the English lessons together. What I really appreciate about her, is that she is compassionate, warm hearted, kind, open and understanding. Looking back, I can definitely say that I now speak better English and I am not afraid to speak anymore. I just feel really comfortable in lessons with Loretta and I am looking forward to the further years together. I have found my English teacher!



Working with Loretta, I’ve been improving my English from top to bottom in every way. She really takes care not only of the grammar but also of my pronunciation. We do a lot of exercises and practice together and she gives me tricks that help me a lot! And all this while we laugh and have fun! I really like working with her. She is the best teacher ever!


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